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Karen Thompson

Client Manager, Executive Education Centre, Murdoch University

I’m one of those weird people that is often more interested in watching ads than programs. As a marketer I’m keen to see how brand messages are communicated and what I love about the digital world is the real ability for brands to truly engage with consumers. Okay, I know brands themselves don’t really talk, it’s the marketing, sales and PR people that are managing the brands that do.

Take for example Luke from Mazda Australia. I’ve never met Luke or even spoken to him in person. I have however interacted with him over twitter. Now I’m not a rev-head or car fanatic by any stretch of the imagination. I was however really excited about buying a new car recently and I tweeted about picking up my new Mazda.

The next time I logged onto my twitter account there was a message from @MazdaAus that said “@kaz747 congrats on your new purchase. Which model did you choose? Welcome to the Zoom-Zoom family.”

Wow, that’s nice I thought. Through a bit of online banter I discovered the real person behind the Avatar was Luke. One of the things that impresses me with Mazda’s social media presence is their ability to put a human face on their brand. So many corporate twitter and Facebook accounts continue communicating on the old broadcast paradigm rather than engaging in a conversation.

It’s not only the online communication that Mazda does well. I have received letters and telephone calls from both the dealer I bought the vehicle from (Melville Mazda) and the corporate office. When I opened an envelope one day I couldn’t wait to tweet “Impressed with the personalised brochure from @MazdaAus – printed with my name & rego number on the car photo (my colour).”

I often give presentations on social media and my Mazda experience has given me a great story to speak about. We all know that word of mouth is the best advertising anyone can get and word of mouse – thanks to the ability to leverage messages through social media – is like adding a turbo charger! Zoom. Zoom. Zoom!

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  • Mike Cormack
    November 22nd, 2010

    That really is a great experience. Its exciting to see more companies starting to ‘get it’. Good on you Mazda.

  • Cath Cable
    November 22nd, 2010

    Must be how much you rave about them – I bought my new one from Jason Mazda and recieved squat:( Customer service stopped when I walked out the showroom with my keys in hand.

  • Mike Cormack
    December 29th, 2010

    Hi Karen, I saw this today and thought of you. Mazda USA is using FourSquare to further engage their potential customers. Any other companies listening? :)

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