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What’s your favourite conversation starter?

“So what do you do?” Yes – incredibly boring and totally unoriginal but it gets straight to the point and gets people talking!

Most memorable networking experience you’ve had?

Listening to some very high-profile directors in the Oil & Gas industry share some very interesting situations they have found themselves in, and what they have learned over the years.

When attending an event one should always bring…?

An open mind. We are all passionate about something, and being able to share that passion with people who are willing to actively listen and participate is one of life’s little pleasures.

At a networking event, I’m most likely to be…?

The one marvelling at the amazing things people are capable of. Soaking in as much information and hopefully helping others to share their dreams through whatever means possible with Constructive Media.

They say first impressions count. What’s your tip for leaving a lasting impression? 

A simple smile. No-one likes grump.

About Networking WA:
Corporate Event Management Specialist, Professional Conference Organiser

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