Why interning at Via Appia: Networking WA?

Well, first off I’m currently in my final semester of University studying Commerce and majoring in Marketing and PR. So why am I interning at Via Appia: Networking WA? The number one reason is for experience in the PR industry. When you’re in your final semester and you haven’t had much experience yet, you start to freak out. At least I was freaking out. However, when searching for work experience I knew I had to find something that I was actually interested in otherwise I can’t motivate myself to do it.

Via Appia: Networking WA is a business involved with networking (obviously) and event management which really intrigued me. So when I saw that Via Appia: Networking WA was looking for interns I jumped on it straight away. As a PR uni student, I am required to complete at least 20 days of employment in the PR field and Via Appia: Networking WA has offered to help me meet this requirement. I’m definitely looking forward to working with the team here at Via Appia: Networking WA over the next few months!

About Networking WA:
Corporate Event Management Specialist, Professional Conference Organiser

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