International Woman’s Day (IWD) in 2012 is exploring the topic of Connecting Girls and Inspiring Futures. The empowerment of women has come a long way since the recognition of IWD in the early 1900’s. Today, it is a global celebration that connects every single woman all over the world. To help achieve this connection IWD has asked us to act local, to inspire futures global!

 The young women at Networking WA recognise the importance of connecting and networking with other women to encourage inspiring futures for ourselves, for others and for our world. So to help IWD achieve their goal Networking WA has posted this blog on the World Wide Web so we can connect and reach women internationally.

 In the spirit of acting local, Networking WA has had the privilege of gaining business woman Denise Goldsworthy as a speaker for the Resource Panel event that is being held on the 20th of April this year. Denise is a local West Australian woman who won the Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year. Beginning her career in the mining sector as a trainee at age 17, Denise has progressed to Managing Director of Rio Tinto’s Dampier Salt Limited (DSL). DSL is now world’s leading exporter of solar salt with a sales increase of approximately 550% over the past two years.

 Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador Kate McKenzie said, “Denise is an inspirational role model for the younger generation of business women in Australia.”

 At Networking WA we are celebrating women like Denise alongside every other woman for being inspirational in their own individual way. To commemorate today we say give your fellow girl friends a pat on the back.

 Fun Facts about Women:

  • Over 25 countries recognise IWD as an official holiday (countries like Nepal accept it as a holiday for women only).
  • IWD, in some countries receives the same recognition as mother’s day with men giving special women in their lives, gifts.
  • In the UK there are more female lawyers, doctors and architects than men.
  • In 1972, men owned 96% of the businesses in the U.S, today 1 in 3 businesses are owned by women.
  • In 1960 the first female world leader was elected, now there are 29.

 Written by Simone Yensch

About Networking WA:
Corporate Event Management Specialist, Professional Conference Organiser

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