Cloud technology is quickly becoming a growing trend as a future contributor to the daily processes conducted by a business.

Cloud computing is the practice of using an internet network to store, manage and process data. It provides the simplicity of downloading one application as a virtual server instead of using hardware and software needed for local servers.

The cloud concept has been developing for years now and is expanding rapidly from email clouds such as Hotmail and Yahoo to clouds like Dropbox and Microsoft Cloud, where an entire business file can be stored and accessed from any location.

A poll conducted for the OzHub industry alliance suggests Australians have largely adopted cloud services but are unaware of where their data is stored.

Cloud technology seizes many benefits; less technical problems and upgrades, improved mobility, reduced costs in outsourcing hardware and software necessities and the simplicity that it holds. Alongside the benefits stand the challenges of implementing such a dynamic server.

Research suggests that more than 70% of Australians use social networking sites and email services and one-third of these individuals use other web services to store personal data and information. More than 80% of these users are unaware of where their data is stored and 70% would prefer if the information was stored in Australia.

86% of respondents of a recent poll taken for OzHub expressed concern that foreign governments may be able to legally access their data, posing a huge concern for businesses. 87% of these respondents suggest permission first be granted by companies before moving personal data overseas as 85% of the respondents believe their data should be stored locally.

Managing director of Longhaus and previous market researcher, Peter Carr, a long-time user of cloud technology will be discussing the growing trend of cloud computing and the strengths and threats it may hold for businesses in the future at Via Appia Networking WA’s first of three CIO Symposium events.

The luncheon will be discussing the growing trends across the IT industry with the first event focusing on cloud technology. The event will be held on the 29th of May at The Marque Hotel.

Director of Networking WA, Rebecca Cole an avid user of Cloud commented “Cloud technology has many positive benefits but the challenges are still unclear, the CIO Symposium series will allow individuals in the IT industry to share opinions, insights and knowledge allowing businesses to implement the best possible practices within their organisation,” says Rebecca.

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