We are a team of passionate individuals who care about creating unique and innovative events which provide a truly memorable experience. 

We have a unique business model. We are the only Perth based Event Management company who also run events in their own right, managing an extensive database and membership program.

This website is dedicated to our events, sponsorship and membership. Here you will see upcoming events and can register online or download event flyers.

If you are looking for assistance with your own event (we manage a variety of event styles including Gala Balls, Fundraising events, Professional Conferences and more) please contact us on 6102 2517 head to our dedicated Event Management website

Why are we Via Appia Networking WA?

Yes, we refer to ourselves as Networking WA. It’s simple and easy to remember! However, our full name is Via Appia Networking WA. Why you ask? Well here goes…

Via Appia was one of the earliest and strategically most important roads built by the Ancient Romans. It was a key reason why the vast empire was networked and connected and was referred to as the ‘queen of the long roads’.

Like this surprisingly modern road, Via Appia Networking WA, connects businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business people to create opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. It is a dynamic and fresh Western Australian business led by a young entrepreneur and with a professional and energetic team.

Via Appia Networking WA is based on the sometimes unsung value of professional networks based on strong, ongoing relationships. A well tended network can open up previously unavailable opportunities, improve business practices and it can be fun and rewarding. It also allows business people to connect with others in their industries and find people that they share professional interests with.