• Just in case our amazing guest speaker and great networking opportunities weren’t enough for you, we  are also now pleased to announce our partner Nespresso will be serving coffee on arrival at our upcoming Women Leading the Way event as well as giving away a FREE Citiz and Milk Nespresso machine!

    To be in the draw to win this incredible prize, make sure you register to attend the event online or contact us now on 6102 2517.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Thanks to…

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  • Our membership program has been running for over 6 years and offers hundreds of businesses and individuals a range of great benefits including; 2 complimentary event tickets, ongoing discounts, opportunity to be featured in a weekly blog & much more!

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    Individual Membership- $190 per annum

    A few of the benefits

    2 x tickets (up to value of $129 each) = up to $258 in value

    Feature in a weekly blog = priceless

    Ongoing event discounts= Approx $50 discount (based on a standard event ticket)


    Corporate Memberships – $420 per annum (3 people) + $140 per additional member

    A few of the benefits

    2 x tickets (up to the value of $129 each) PER MEMBER = $774 in value (based on 3 members)

    For additional members (3+ members) membership is only $11 more than a standard ticket!

    Listing on Networking WA Website= priceless

    Opportunity to feature in a blog=priceless


    To find out more about how you can save, download the membership pack here, or contact us on 6102 2517 to discuss.


    *full membership benefits listed in membership pack

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  • John Hughes may not have come from wealth or possess a university degree, however he has managed to work his way up by building a multi-million-dollar automotive empire based thanks to his sheer determination and will to succeed. John’s hands on approach to all aspects of his business, from customer service to living what he preaches, has earned him a well respected presence in Western Australia.

    He has become an inspiration to many, one of the reasons we asked John to join our panel of guest speakers for the Entrepreneur and Innovator Awards in 2014.

    As an entrepreneur who is committed to achieving excellence within all aspects of his business, John has been recognised time and time again for his achievements within the WA business arena and Car Industry worldwide.

    So if you know of an entrepreneur like John, who is passionate and driven to succeed, an innovator with a great idea or an inspirational young individual under the age of 35, then make sure they nominate in the 2014 WAtoday.com.au Entrepreneur and Innovator Awards. Free to nominate, these awards recognise local successes and offer a prize pool exceeding $50 000.

    Written by Husveen Grewal

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  • Whether it’s a marketing ploy or promotional stunt, being weird and wonderful sure gets a business noticed. It requires entrepreneurs and innovators to think outside the box by challenging conventional methods of communication, stepping out of the mundane by sparking interest and excitement. The key is to find simple, fun and memorable ways to catch people’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

    Richard Branson, dubbed the ‘undisputed king’ of publicity stunts, is a prime example of weird and wonderful at its finest. His fearless approach of going to extreme lengths to gain attention, like dressing up as an air stewardess or attempting to break records, has rewarded his companies with the watchful eye of the spotlight, proving that using humour can be an attractive feature for a business through a friendly and fun outlook that makes them relatable and creates discussion and excitement.

    Many businesses use the internet for such means of communication as it provides a global platform that lends itself to creative freedom that can be easily accessed with a click of a button. Others like to experiment with everyday interactions to create real life experiences and events for their customers. They all share a common dominator however, which is to use a unique and fun method of carrying out a message that will be sure to leave an impact.

    Entrepreneurs and innovators who invest in these weird and wonderful ways to ensure their business stands out from the crowd, help foster creativity and new ways of thinking. Therefore, Networking WA will be hosting the WAtoday.com.au Entrepreneur and Innovator Awards on the 7th of May 2014, to provide an opportunity for their creative efforts and achievements to be recognised and rewarded. So please visit www.networkingwa.com.au/about2014/ to submit a nomination.

    Sir Richard Branson

    Written by Husveen Grewal



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  • Many individuals that are faced with this question may seem to find it difficult to provide a precise definition on the word. In terms of political economics within the business industry, an entrepreneur is loosely defined as person who endures the procedure of identifying a marketable idea for a new business venture.

    Entrepreneurs will subsequently move onto the stage of organising resources, practices and procedures in a manner which will be able to satisfy consumer’s wants and needs. They must have an extensive understanding of their target market/s to manipulate procedures for consumers in order for success. An entrepreneur will have knowledge on knowing how to start up their enterprise and put forth their unique practices and procedures.  They will have to undergo the risk associated with their new business enterprise in financial failure; however, they could also endure the satisfaction of hard-earned, rising profits. Entrepreneurs are able to identify how much risk is appropriate to the business and know when an endeavour or activity will not amount to profitable income.

    What makes a successful entrepreneur? Is it luck that leads their business to success? Or do some individuals possess a certain quality that allows them to lead their enterprise to success?  A successful entrepreneur is frequently identified as an individual with a creative flair for innovation and new ideas. They possess leadership, strong management skills and team-building qualities that allow them to interact with their team differently in a way that team members are motivated by self-actualisation, rather than money.

    It has been stated that entrepreneurs have a particular type of physiological make-up that leads them to have the desire to pursue a career in building their own enterprise. They seem to have an inner motivation that sparks ambitious and determined goals to succeed in what they endeavour in life. Working under entrepreneurs furthermore influences individuals to go out of their way to pursue the construction of their own enterprise, when being able to see first-hand how a business venture can expand and increase in profitability.

    While there might be ongoing discussions about a specific definition of what an entrepreneur is and what makes a successful entrepreneur, what about the difference between an entrepreneur and somebody who owns a business? In much the same way, leaders and managers can be classified under the same category within a business environment however are widely discussed that they are very much different in their roles. Entrepreneurs have a different way of thinking than just any individual that owns a business; they care about their business and even more about their employees. They have a different drive that leads their enterprise above a mediocre business and leads their employees down a path of self-discovery and actualisation. They lead, motivate, believe, manage and trust in the processes of all employees and themselves.

    With contemporary society holding many promising entrepreneurs that possess highly innovative and creative minds, Networking WA will be hosting the annual WAtoday.com.au Entrepreneurs and Innovators Awards on the 7th of May 2014. The event series and award program aim to acknowledge up-and-coming entrepreneurs and award their artistic and innovative nature they bring to their enterprises. The annual event furthermore encourages innovating and putting forth creative changes in a business.

    Annual awards will be given out under 4 main categories;

    • Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award
    • Telstra Innovator Award
    • Young Entrepreneur Award
    • People’s Choice Award

    For more information on the award or event please click here


     Written By Alyssa Sangrigoli

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  • Hello, my name is Alyssa Sangrigoli and I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business and a double major in Tourism and Events Management. I have had experience in working at a few different companies as an Events Assistant in which I assisted Event Managers in creating and organising different aspects for a variety of events. However, I am now looking further and bigger to a well established company to gain a different kind of experience.

    I believe that gaining as much experience within your desired industry is invaluable and that was when I contacted Rebecca to join the team at Networking WA to further those experiences and provide me the opportunity to apply my education to a significant extent. I am a passionate and determined individual and strive to work to my potential on any task I am given. I can’t wait to start at Networking WA to portray my passion and gain experience that will assist me in furthering my career.

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  • The last week or so has been consumed by discussions within the office exploring our next event topic  ‘Women Leading the Way’. This is our second event, with Diane Smith-Gander sharing her thoughts previously.

    Please note, the below perspectives are strictly our opinions, we may not always be factually correct, or even share a majority opinion. On that note though, we would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to comment!


    Rebecca ‘s Perspective.

    With statistics such as ‘Only 16.4% of Women are on ASX 200 Boards’ there seems to be a significant disparity when it comes to Male vs Females in Leadership roles.

    This could be due to any number of factors, and I am sure there has been many documented factors. However I am just going off my ‘gut instinct’ here when I saw I feel there are two key factors.

    1. Females are leaving the workplace to have children.

    Despite their current position being held for them whilst on maternity leave, there is no upward career movement during this period.

    2. Confidence- When it comes to speaking up, Men win hands down! They seem to have a confidence which is lacking in the majority of women. If they want that promotion, they go for it! I know personally, as a woman, I like to think things over, I question whether I would make a good candidate, and by the time I have worked up the courage to ask, the opportunity has gone!

    So what does this mean for the future of WA business?

    In my opinion, we are already moving towards a more equal playing field and there is certainly a general understanding of the importance of diversity in the workplace. Now women must empower themselves, work on their confidence and not be afraid to ask!

     Ellie’s  Perspective

    In terms of equality that is a low statistic, however I’d like to see the percentage of women available to work on these boards. Is there a low representation because there are 150% more men available for these positions than women? And is this percentage due to discrimination against women or just there is a lower percentage of women who wish to work in these roles? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for empowering women, if I had my way we’d take over the world; and it is proven women think differently to men; therefore we can create a greater diversity in the board room!

    To answer the question though; I think women need to disconnect emotionally. When I say that I mean men have this ability to say what they are thinking and get things done without emotionally connecting to whatever they are doing. Which is where I believe women need to step up. It’s a big bad corporate world and if you’re going to be scared to step on a few people’s toes, then maybe the big bad corporate world isn’t for you. You can’t be everyone’s best friend and when it comes to making hard business decisions there is always going to be someone on the receiving end that doesn’t like your decision.

    To quote Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changing (still) and I do believe that statistic will increase over time; I think women need to step out of the “we’re hard done by” basket and just get things done.

    Adriana’s Perspective

    I’ll present my opinion on this topic as an American woman, since an article regarding President Obama’s efforts to promote gender equality has recently come to my attention. In the United States, women graduate college at higher rates than men, and yet they still make less money after graduation. They also have fewer opportunities to enter well-paid occupations or receive promotions, and on average they are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men.

    Obviously, there is something wrong with this. At our last Women Leading the Way event, Diane Smith Gander presented her views on the struggles we face as women trying to work our way to the top. What I took away from this event was this – that the obstacles standing in the way of our success were not big, bad men suppressing us and our efforts to progress. In some cases, WE are our own worst enemy. Many of us have a hard time putting ourselves out there for a job that we feel is beyond our capabilities, where most men wouldn’t think twice. I know from my own experience that event just saying things like “I’m really good at this” or “I am fully qualified to do that” are difficult for me, because I always feel that there is someone else who can do it better. That mentality is part of what is holding us back.

    The blame absolutely does not lie solely on us, though. There are plenty of factors beyond our control that need to be addressed before true gender equality becomes a reality. To put things into perspective: The first bill that President Obama signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. He has declared August 26th ‘Women’s Equality Day’, and yet the female staff IN the White House are being paid less than 87 cents for every dollar paid to male staff.

    We have a long way to go.


    Julian’s Perspective 

    When it comes to women working their way up there are a few factors that are slowing them down or blocking their way. One of those reasons is that a lot of women don’t work fulltime. Men work a lot more fulltime compared to women, this causes women to have a disadvantage when it comes to work experience.

    The second factor that women are struggling with is confidence. Women are usually a lot less confident about themselves in comparison to men. They tend to make a long list why they are not suitable for the position, men would simply bluff their way into the function and state they can do everything. This has a lot to do with the nature of men and women, as men tend to be more dominating and willing to take the lead.

    This last factor is more company orientated. Companies are simply not organised to deal with family changes of women. The companies tend to be not flexible in these situations. They don’t have a policy to keep the women’s talent on board of their ship. Women usually leave the company when this occurs as they can’t find a good way to combine their job with their changing family situation.

    In order for women to get more top positions, I believe they have to step up their game with more working hours. Also they need to gain more confidence and believe in the talents that they have. Women usually have different talents and approaches to problems than men, which make them perfectly suitable in a board of directors. In my point of view it’s not only about women making changes, but also the companies. I believe if companies are more flexible with the family changes of women it will benefit the company in the long run as the talent don’t flow out of the company.


    And now for your thoughts…

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  • You have been invited to nominate for the 2014 WAtoday.com.au Entrepreneur & Innovator Awards! Please click here to begin the nomination process (free to nominate).

    You may choose to enter one of the following categories:

    Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award

    Telstra Innovator Award

    Young Entrepreneur Award

    In addition, all nominees may also choose to enter our newest category:

    People’s Choice Award

    BEST OF LUCK! We look forward to receiving your nomination.

    Have a picture of yourself in our 3D glasses? Send it our way! #networkingwa

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  •  Hunger is not just the desire for food, but a yearning that seeks for a basic requirement needed to survive. A craving that people in Australia who live in low economic households, struggle to satisfy.

    As Western Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation, Foodbank WA concerns itself with this social issue faced by nearly a quarter of Australians that include the homeless, aged, poverty stricken and working poor. With an average of 55,000 people fed by the food rescued by Foodbank each month, they are working towards a goal that envisions an ‘Australia without hunger’.

    As a non-denomination and non-profit organisation, Foodbank WA collects surplus groceries and food from Australian farmers, retailers and manufacturers and delivers the donations to charities and communities that distribute them to adults and children who are amongst the two million people a year seeking food relief.

    The donations of ingredients by not just food producers and manufacturers but also the public, will help reduce the gap in the amount of food rescued and the requirements needed for charities to provide the essential items needed for nutritions and fulfilling meals.

    So in recognition of the great work Foodbank WA does we ask that all attendees at our upcoming Corporate Philanthropy event please bring along at least one can of food (non perishable). All items will be collected by Foodbank WA and help support their vision come to life.

    Written by Husveen Grewal

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  • Hi, my name is Julian de Visser. I am an overseas bachelor student in Business Administration from the Netherlands. In order to graduate from my bachelor study I am required to complete a five month internship. Since I was highly motivated to do my internship abroad I looked at Australia for opportunities. Perth looked the most interesting to me as I was looking for a city that was not too crowded and busy and still have an interesting industry.

    I have had contact with many companies in Perth but Networking WA stood out from the rest. In my previous job I was marketer at a middle sized IT company that was based on innovation and bringing a new service globally. These qualities I was looking for in my internship company abroad, and I found it. Networking WA is a young and strongly motivated team that brings innovation to the table regarding event management. This is a new sector for me which gives me enough challenges to keep my motivation at a high level. I am hoping to be a valuable member to the team for my short stay and show my skills and expertise

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